Why Smart Landscaping Is the Secret Weapon to Protect Your Home

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Tom Snogles is the owner of Sun Power Lawn Care, a quiet electric lawn care business in Gainesville, FL.


Good landscaping isn’t just about making your neighbors envious. Healthy, properly maintained grass and plants can actually protect the investment you’ve made in your home. So often, the Sun Power Lawn Care team finds landscaping issues that seem small, but can have significant impacts on the property’s resale value if ignored.

Today, we’re sharing some of our top landscaping tips to protect your home and outdoor space for the long-term.


Trim Hedges Back from the House


When our team starts a new landscaping job, one of the first things we look for is shrubs that are growing too close to the house. When this happens, the shrubs will hold moisture that ultimately causes rot in the siding or trim.

Overgrown shrubs are also a home security problem. If they’re blocking your windows, they create a hiding space for burglars to use while breaking in.

To avoid these issues, make sure your shrubs are below window height and about two feet from your home’s exterior.


Keep the Grass Cut High


Here’s a golden rule of lawn care: don’t cut the grass too short. We recommend keeping St. Augustine grass blades (the most common type of grass in this region) to at least 4” long.

Longer grass blades promote strong root systems, which keeps your lawn healthy for a multitude of reasons. That means you won’t have patches of dead grass to re-sod, which is an expensive headache no homeowner wants to deal with.

Sod prices have jumped up this year due to demand and weather, so a 1,000 square-foot sod area can cost more than $1,200 to replace. You can click here to find out how much it would cost to replace your sod.


Don’t Water Your House


Do you have a sprinkler or irrigation system on your property? Sprinkler heads can shift over time, sending water where it’s not supposed to go. We frequently find sprinkler heads that are positioned to spray the side of a house, which will rot the exterior.

We’ve even encountered more dangerous situations, like sprinkler heads facing electrical boxes.

A professional irrigation check will identify spray zone problems, along with other costly issues like clogs or pressure imbalances. The Sun Power Lawn Care’s irrigation team recommends scheduling a check at least twice a year, at the start of fall and the start of spring.


Cut the Gas Out of Your Lawn Care


Lawn care and landscaping is one of the most notoriously polluting industries there is. That’s why I founded Sun Power Lawn Care with the mission to provide solar-powered and electric service.

You may already know the “big picture” benefits of ditching gas-powered tools, such as improved air quality and more stable wildlife habitats. But there are benefits for your own home, too.

For example, electric equipment is much quieter than gas-powered equivalents. Reducing noise pollution has been linked to healthy sleep patterns, improved moods, infant health and more.

Meanwhile, traditional landscaping equipment will drip gas into the soil, making it less hospitable to grass and plants. With electric equipment, that’s not a concern.


Mow and Trim About Once a Week


It’s easy to procrastinate regular landscaping, but doing so isn’t just a problem for the look of your property. There are several reasons to mow and trim often (we recommend weekly):

Interested in learning more about sustainable lawn care and landscaping for residential or commercial properties? Contact Sun Power Lawn Care at 352-507-5296 or info@sunpowerlawncare.com for a personalized discussion and free quote.