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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are work orders issued and followed up on?
A. Work orders are issued by the property manager and assistant and are processed on computer. One copy is sent to the vendor, one is kept for the permanent files, one is for the property manager to use for inspections, and the other is for the assistants to use for maintenance follow-through with the owners. Payment information is noted on the computerized work order listing in the monthly financial statements on the work orders that were issued.

Q. Are letters sent confirming maintenance calls received by owners?
A. Yes, we send out a customer service letter after each maintenance call is received to verify receipt of the call and provide confirmation of their records.

Q. How are member maintenance calls taken and recorded?
A. Our management assistants take all of the maintenance and community calls and record them by computer. The contractor is then notified of work required and a work order is issued by computer. A report of these calls is available each month in the management report.

LOVE working with April. It’s nice to work with someone who isn’t pushy, but will always take care of business without having to ask twice. She goes above and beyond for her clients!
Ken Peng