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A Unique Commitment

What makes Golden Rule Real Estate & Property Management different from others in the industry is our customer service. Somewhere along the line, businesses forgot that the client comes first. Without a client trusting us with their property, we wouldn’t have a business at all.

Our goal is to bring back that customer service and the personalization of services. I want to make it easy on the client to trust what we do and breathe easy as we manage your Gainesville property. We want to take things back to how it used to be when people cared for each other. At Golden Rule Real Estate & Property Management, that’s a major part of who we are and what we do.

Relationship building is an important part of our company, and it’s why I am passionate about property management. This isn’t a relationship that lasts a few months. Property management is a long-term relationship and I look forward to earning your trust.

When you use Golden Rule as your property management company, you are also making a difference. We currently support Art Healing through Touch A Life. When you pay for our services, a percentage of every payment is sent to one of our charities to help make a difference in someone’s life.

A Unique Fee Model

We also offer a unique flat-fee model of payment that no one else in the Gainesville market can match. While you’re charged a monthly percentage by other companies, this can drive up the cost for more expensive homes. When you work with Golden Rule Real Estate & Property Management, you’re charged a flat fee, no matter how much rent you are receiving from the tenant.

It’s these details that make us different: a versatile background, a focus on customer service that creates a great experience for our clients and a logical approach to billing.

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