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Welcome to Our Family

At Golden Rule Real Estate & Property Management, we see our tenants as an integral part of our family. We want our tenants to feel safe and protected when they rent one of our properties and we achieve that through our transparency and communication with our tenants.

Search Our Properties

When you rent one of our properties you are given a tenant portal where you will pay your rent, report any maintenance issues/request, and have access to us 24/7. Everything you need is at your fingertips and accessible when you need it to be.

Interested in Renting from Golden Rule Real Estate & Property Management?

What You Need to Apply

  1. First, after searching our properties and selecting a property you’d like to apply for, click the “Apply for this property” link at the top of the property’s listing and complete the online application.
  2. Finally, pay the $75 application fee by EFT or Credit Card through the application. (*Note co-signors also pay a $75 application fee)

Resident Selection Criteria

  • No collections or judgments within the last two years
  • 24 months of satisfactory rental history on a lease or mortgage with no evictions in the past 5 years
  • Monthly rent amount cannot exceed 35% of gross monthly income (your income is three times the monthly rent)
  • Cleared a criminal background check with no history of felonies in the past 10 years or convictions on any sexual related offense

Please note: If you do not meet the income requirement or have poor credit, you may be asked to find a co-signer. A co-signer submits the same application online as you did. In order to qualify, they need to make 5 times the monthly rent and have good credit. Once they are approved, we will send them the co-signer agreement below to sign.

After Your Application is Approved

You’ll need to do the following within 48 hours of your application’s approval:

  1. Pay your security deposit (paid in our office)
  2. Sign your lease

If you have any questions on this process, contact our team!