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CJ Marrero

Assistant Property Manager

As a native-Gainesvillian, it has been my joy growing up here and exploring every corner of this beautiful city. I love exploring local trails and creeks; but I’m a home-body to my core, which is why I love helping people find the property that suits their lifestyle. When I’m not here, I’m working on my own non-profit, the Anime Art Museum, which is making anime art education accessible online. I teach classes on drawing anime accompanied by lessons on Japanese culture and language. I majored in Japanese at the University of Florida, studied abroad in Japan for 6 months, and have been drawing anime art for 21 years. I’m an artist and a gamer, so consider me the gleeful bard of this team. Feel free to ask me how to set up your electronics for the most seamless gaming experience in your home 😉

I first ran into Golden Rule Real Estate & Property Management as a tenant. I had only ever lived at apartment complexes and was blown away by how organized and on-time everything was. Golden Rule knows that once your home is taken care of, you’re free to focus on your life, and that’s the type of consideration you just don’t see everyday. It’s a mission I’m proud to be a part of.